Saturday, January 15, 2011

Application Nightmares

So who went and decided that Applications were a great idea for Facebook anyhow? Like Facebook doesn't suck up enough of my time as it is!

I have a farm on Farmville. It's a lovely tranquil place where I grow crops, tend sheep, and wonder what a disco cow does. I've tried a few game shows - The Price Is Right, Family Feud and the like, but they wear thin pretty quick. I had a Scrabble (and then a less interesting Scrabulous) addiction for a bit, but my they took too long to play, and I lost interest. Paradigm had me for a year or so, but Maternity leave quashed that one. I've looked at CityVille, Frontierville, Cafe Town Mafia Wars and a few others, but who has the time? There's Bejewled, puzzles, and a host of sites of quizzes. I've looked at bunches!  I've just started Zuma Blitz and I hate it, mostly because I cannot beat my sister at it. Stoopid game.

Never a day goes by where a friend doesn't send me a request for a "Thought of the Day", "Hug", Horoscope, try this, tend that, join today.... gah, enough! 

So what does it all mean? Someone out there is on the cusp of the next big application I must try. I can't take it. I haven't the time. 

I'd go on, but my crops need harvesting.

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