Monday, January 3, 2011

My Year in Photos

Ok, so I'm trying to de-Christmas the house. I got mostly everything down (excluding the tree) ... but there it sits. A big pile of more stuff to put away. Why is it EVERYTHING looks more appealing to me than that task? I actually took a photo of the mound to show here, but I'm really too embarrassed by it all. 
So, in an effort to procrastinate on what I *should* be doing, I decided instead to do something else. My year in photos! Here we go....

January: Look at me all pregnant like! I was about 7 months preggo here, with about 2 1/2 months to go! Little did I know!

February:  Surprise!! A whopping 7 weeks early, Erin Alexandra appeared, weighing in at 4lb6oz. Unfortunately Adam was home, or rather driving like a mad man to get back to the hospital! Sadly he missed her birth, but considering it only took 3 minutes, I suppose I can't complain! She was in the NICU for 20 long days, but look at her now!

March:  HOME!!

April: My beautiful Claire on Easter

May:  Claire turns 3. I love this photo of her face when she first saw her new swing set!

June: We had a lovely warm June ... here was Erin's first trip of many to the beach! (That's the rez for all those SJ locals!)

July: We spent a LOT of time this year at Shubie park. The chickadees are really tame, but don't tell Claire. She thinks her mom is amazing! Oh, and that lump on my chest is Erin.  :) We love our Cuddly Wrap!

August: They say a picture says a thousand words. The look between the sister's says a million!


September: We had Erin baptized. Claire was shy, until the Minister splashed her. Then it was game on!  :) 


October:  How cute were they!

November:  I just love this one of Claire and her dad. They were deep in discussion about dirt, I think.

December: The girls met Santa. So glad I caught this moment between Erin and Santa!

Ok, on to the pile of stuff to pack up.      Soon.      My tea is getting cold.

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  1. Wow, you really are procrastinating! Get back to work!!!