Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh the times, they are a changin'

To satisfy my sister who thinks I procrastinate, I have cleaned up the mound. I know you are asking, "Which mound?" to which I reply, the Christmas one. Only took about 7 hours to get to it. May be a record! Oh, the tree is still up, and decorated, but I'll get to that this weekend. One thing at a time!!!

SO big news. Erin did NOT get that second tooth. We thought she had, but, while she was in a fit of rage, I got a good look in, and nope. Only the one. That means we're probably in for another one of THOSE nights. Oh, and look what she did today...

Yep. The days of the quietly sitting baby are soon to be behind us.


  1. want to come to my house and clean up my mound as well? I procrastinate more...

  2. Yes, but you have a maid service already. Sorry...