Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Priorities Smiorities

Has it really been nearly 2 months since I last did a blog entry? Holy moley. Procrastinate much? I told you early on that it was a problem I had. I'd be a better procrastinator, but I'll work on that tomorrow. Maybe.

So what's new. Man, I have a crawler. Erin decided that sitting just wasn't for her, and off she went. A full 4 months before her sister, may I add. Now, stationary Claire at this age was SO MUCH EASIER than moving Erin. Certainly keeping me on my toes!

What else is happening these past months? Erin turned 1. A whole year in the world. Went FAST this time. Unfortunately Claire and I had the flu that day, so we had to postpone the par-tay. We also tried a cake smash, but a little icing on her finger was all she was willing to do. Ah well! We did it the next week, and she had a great time.

Other big news? We're pregnant!!!

No, not really, just checking to be sure you're still awake and paying attention.

So the biggest change 'round these parts is with me. I left my job. Well, I switched jobs... left my paid position for the role of permi-mom. Yep. I'm a 'homer' now.

Never ever ever did I realize that it'd be MORE work than my old office job! Seriously, HOW do other moms do it? I cannot keep the toys picked up. There are princess panties hanging on the back on my chair. I have jam in my hair... from SUNDAY! I mean, holy cow! As one friend of mine pointed out, we have friends returning to work, returning to school, starting businesses, moving countries... and I can't organize my life enough to get in a daily shower. WHEN did this happen??

Other hand... the toys are out because we were playing racecar. The panties hung up from the 'naked dance' my daughter performed for me. The jam... well, that I'm not sure of, but I like to think it was from a sticky hug. More likely it was old jam on the back of the chair, but whatever.

At the end of the day, I sit here, feeling like we had a good day. So what chores aren't done, I need to shave and there are still dishes in the sink. It'll all wait. It's been a busy few months, and I need to catch up on General Hospital. A shower can wait. Priorities rock!
My new Priorities.

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